Subset data from 2 UTM-zones

I’m subsetting S-2 data via commandline with gpt. Everything works fine with the new format (since 06/12/2016).

But I have problems if I try to make a subset of the data in the old format over tiles from different UTM-zones:
just the tiles from the first UTM-zone are processed & I get the message “INFO: org.esa.s2tbx.dataio.s2.l2a.L2aMetadata: Skipping tile S2A_USER_MTD_L2A_TL_SGS__20160103T141745_A002778_T35PKN.xml because it has crs EPSG:32635 instead of requested EPSG:32634”

Is there a solution for that?

that means the large product ranges over two UTM zones and the coordinates you entered don’t match the ones of the poduct. shows you at which reference system the EPSG codes refer to.

Thank you for your quick answer. Unfortunately it does not apply in this case. The AOI lies within the boundaries of the tiles.

Has anyone else an idea how i can address the UTM-zone in the subset procedure?