Subset error

I downloaded this Sentinel-1 data.

And opened in SNAP , operated “subset”.
However, Thumbnail cannot be created and “subset” cannot work (and SNAP freeze) .

Do you know how to solve it?

how much RAM does your PC have?

Hello sir,
When i created a subset of my study area. I am getting this error image.
RAM in my PC is 16 GB. I don’t know why its taking so long for all the processes and yet giving odd results and errors.
Can you please suggest a possible cause for the slow processing of SNAP and this error?

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Which steps did you apply before?
Does the image look alright after the previous steps?

I applied the basic pre-processing: Orb-NR-Cal-Spl-Tc and then wanted a subset of my AOI.
The image looked ok before the subset.

Do you execute these steps separately or as a graph?

Separately sir!

looks like something has interferred the writing of the product. Does this happen every time you apply this subset? Maybe it’s worth just processing this step again.

I apologize for the delayed response.
No sir, it doesn’t happen every time. Processing it again wasn’t creating the image of the subset so I have installed the software again. Now it worked just fine.
Thank you!