Subset generation


Does the subset generator get out from the newest SNAP? Because I’d like to create a subset from two IW SLC, and after interferogram generating…But the ,subset" function is not the same, like earlier…


No, it is the same and the function subset in the same place under raster tab,

no, it’s not. If i go subset under the raster tab, it gives me an error box and navigate me to resampling suction. May I do something wrong? or does it work same for everybody?

it works very well for me

To create a subset from an IW SLC and still support burst processing, you should use the S-1 TOPS Split operator, select your polarization, subswath and bursts.

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I’m no longer able to select bursts using S-1 Tops Split. I’ve recently installed SNAP 5 on my new PC with windows 10 64bit. Which could be the problem?