Subset IW-SLC product

I have IW-SLC products and I want to subset my area of interest and I have tried to methods:

1.First method I split the product but the issue is my area of interest located on the overlapping between the two Subswath IW1 and IW2 Like the image 1 so how I c

an solve this problem?
2.Second method: raster/subset and I got result that the software will resample the product is it ok to continue?


you can split and deburst your product and than try TOPS-Merge as it is merging the debursted split product of different sub-swaths into a complete product

Thank you ,

Actually I checked the descending product and luckily my AOI located on the second sub-swath IW2 so I split the product and I countinue with IW2 for further steps.