Subset Operator using Geographical Coordinates returing the whole image


Sometimes, when I use the Subset operator with Geographical coordinates it returns all the image instead of just the subset specified by the coordinates.

Anyone could help me guess why such behaviour is happening, even though all the geophraphical coordinates points belong to the image?
Is it because the area delineated is too narrow?


Can you say for which kind of product this happens?

This happened to me on a TerraSAR-X product (If I remember well I encountered this issue also with a Sentinel-1 SAR product).

I have the same issue using Sentinel-1A data. I want to make a subset then export it, but this task is too manual and don’t work with lat-lon coordinates (I must find the [x,y] wanted coordinates).
I’m using Sentinel-1 Toolbox.
Would you recommend any other approach? Maybe something with a command line, or maybe using other software.


do you still experience this problem? Also in the released 2.0?

if you need to use the XY-coordinates there is no better approach. You can not the coordinates for each product and then using gpt from command line. But if you have the product already open in SNAP you can also do the subset and export it.
The question is why do you need to use the XY-coordinates?

I updated last night, and It’s working well now both from the GUI and from the command line (gpt).
Thanks @marpet.