Subset with the whole polygon


I am creating a subset with a polygon and the output is a geotiff with the intersection between the polygon and the selected band.
Is it possible to have an output with the whole polygon and the pixels outsize the intersection with no data values?

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Yes, you can use the Raster/Mask/LandSea mask


Thanks for the reply, but I tried it without success. Probably I’m doing something wrong.
I am attaching a graph that illustrates what I’m trying to accomplish.
The yellow square is the polygon that contains a piece of the data. The goal is to have an output with the full polygon.
Where would the Land-Sea-Mask fit in this graph?

extending the data is not possible with the subset or the Land-Sea-Mask operator.
They only cut out from the source.
But you can configure the reprojection operator so that it generates a defined target area.
You need to disable the preserve resolution option and specify the output parameters.

Specify the reference point and its Easting/Northing in map units.
You must calculate the number of pixels for width and height based on the pixel size you choose.
Probably it will need some trials to get to the desired result.


That works for me, thanks :pray: