Subsetting Error


I have a script that uses the SentinelSat API to download images that are then processes using Snappy. Now I have found an edge case where the footprint I am searching in overlaps (just barely) with a Sentinel-1 image. So that image is downloaded. However it is such a small overlap that when I try to subset in Snappy it gives me an empty image.

I have found an awkward solution I convert the image footprint and the subsetting footprint to shapely and only download if the area over intersection is large enough. I am wondering if there is a cleaner method of doing this?

p_subset = shapely.wkt.loads(subset)
        for product in products:
            for i, r in product.iterrows():
                P_img = shapely.wkt.loads(r.footprint)
                if P_img.intersection(p_subset).area > 0.001: