Subsetting S3 images leads to white lines


I have batch subsetted OLCI L1 data using the graph builder. My xml graph looks like:

When I pull the .nc files into SNAP and Open RGB Image Window with OLCI L1 - Tristimulus, I get white stripes in my images, see below.

This does not happen when I open the RGB images using Tristimulus on full (not subsetted) L1 images. Does anyone know why I am getting this white striping?

I am not sure if this could be the problem, but your polygon has 6 points (the last one is repeated twice).

I just tried it and I got the correct result.
Do yu have the latest updates. There were some issues with subsetting in SNAP 7.0. Which should be fixed by 7.0.2. There is another update about to come, but this should not affect your processing.
Below is the graph I have used. In the header is written how I’ve called it.

GeoSubsetOfS3.xml (942 Bytes)