Suggestion to improve image window view interaction

Hi all
I would like to suggest something that I think is missing concerning the data visualization, namely the titles of image windows. It would be nice if we could have more than a default name on that.

For instance, when you’re trying different band combinations you end up with a bunch of different RGB image windows and you loose track of which combinations you’ve chosen for R, G and B.

If it is not possible to read in the title it would be nice to have a pop up when you mouse over the title, disclosing this information, or at least, it would be nice if we could rename the title.

Hi Sara,
I do agree that the information about RGB or HSV band combination should be displayed in a more clear way in the window view.

However, in the tabs of the opened image windows you can find the displayed band name preceded by a number in square brackets. This number correspond to the product number in the ‘Product Explorer’ tab.

@snap developers: ‘bands’ section in the ‘Pixel Info’ tab only display the pixel value of first band when either ‘RGB’ or ‘HSV’ visualization is used. Previous SNAP versions (and BEAM) displayed the values of all the three selected bands for the view combination (besides the bands already displayed in other window views). I think this should be fixed.


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Hey Federico!

Thank you again for your reply : )
Yea, but still when I open the many image windows (like when I’m trying different band combination from the same product) it gets confusing =) I need to write down which is which, in order to keep track of them.



I agree this can be improved. I’ve created an issue (SNAP-564) for this so we keep it in mind for the further development.

The values in Pixel Info are only shown when you simply use bands for the RGB channels. If you use some expression with multiple bands like the tri-stimulus nothing is shown. Only when the channels are stored as virtual bands in the product.

You can unmark the option shown in the image above. Then the values of all bands of your product are shown in Pixel Info.
But I agree here too. The channels of the RGB image should be shown.

Thank you both for your feedback

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Hi Marco,

thank you for the clarification and for creating an issue.


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I think in the future an interactive tool for RGB-window generation could be developed. It would be highly useful for working with multispectral images and multitemporal stacks.

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Hi Marpet,
Thanks for flagging this issue.

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