Surface Temperature using MSI channels?

I would like to obtain surfaces temperatures, preferably over sea surfaces. I have checked in hub that there is no Sentinel 3 available product for the places and dates I need (July 2016), I like to now if anyone knows a more developed tool or algorithm using Sentinel 2 2A product.

The SNAP SST processor woks with Meris ATSR sensor products. However as far as I know the Meris misision is finished long ago, therefore, products for July 2016 are not available, right?

Thanks in advance

Unlike Sentinel-3 SLSTR of Landsat 8, Sentinel-2 has no thermal infrared band, so it is not possible to monitor surface temperature from Sentinel-2.

That’s right, for sensors of ENVISAT you won’t find any data of 2016.
There is the ARC SST processor available, along with the S3TBX. It can also process SLSTR data.
Unfortunately, there is no data for your time period.