Temporal Time for subsidence

Can we use one year temporal time, using Sentinel-1 data, to calculate the rate of subsidence? If no what will be the best temporal time?

It depends on the InSAR technique you intend to apply Single Interferogram, Stacking, PSI, SBAS, and also it depends on the event occurs in the study area, The case of S1 SLC is (6 - 12 days) the temporal baseline.

This workflow was used to calculate the annual subsidence rate with a one-year temporal baseline. is that correct? The rate was 16.2cm.

The time that you can use for InSAR pairs to measure subsidence depends on the land cover of the study area. If it is vegetated, then you will need to use shorter time intervals to get adequate coherence from C-band data such as Sentinel-1. If it is a less vegetated area, then you can use longer intervals (unless the subsidence rate is extremely high).

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Thank you Sir. Kindly provide me any source, book, research article reference of your words you have said above.