Terminology issue

Dear colleagues,
Just a question on terminology. Lately I found to be of use to write “interferometric image” (abbrviated as IFI) instead of
SAR interferigram, which I consider to provide more details on the its content.
Could you please comment on this.

Thank you.

can you share an example where you have read this term?

Personally I prefer “SAR Interferogram” but that does not have a good abbreviation. Some people use “InSAR Image” too…

Actually I started to use it since for me it is more descriptive and not longer than “SAR interferogram”.
The reason behind this is that it is easier to explain what one could expect from the information provided.
Especially when you need to explain the idea to people who are not familiar with SAR.
When you say that is an image one could see in GIS is just fine otherwise the question is “How can I visualize this?”.

This post is just as pool for opinions.
Thank you.