Terrain Corrected image is not displaying

@marpet @ABraun After doing terrain correction to any SAR image in my s1tbx , image is not displaying later when i open it. Why is it so ?
It is not even showing any error when terrain correction is being done.

if SNAP is not able to access a DEM, the terrain correction fails.
Please install the latest updates:

Additionally, you can select the SRTM 1Sec instead of 3Sec and make sure your firewall doesn’t block SNAP’s internet access to download these DEMs.


Thank You. It Worked.

I have installed the updates, restarted my computer and tried the 1 second download (and have unchecked the mask out areas without elevation box just in case), and I am still getting a blank screen.

Is there anything else that could be going wrong? Using a GRD product from December 2017.


where is your study area located?

My study area is in Panama

so SRTM is available here. Have you tried selecting another DEM, just to test - for example ACE30 (AutoDownload)

I have tried the 1sec and another auto download that I don’t remember… should I try ACE30?

Yes, try different ones to see if it is DEM related.

ACE30 (AutoDownload) worked! Thank you.