Terrain-Correction does not output complex data (snappy)

My goal is to apply the terrain-correction operator to a Sentinel-1 SLC image in order to obtain the corresponding terrain-corrected SLC image in the output.
According to what I understood from tutorials and examples, I have set up the following processing chain in snappy (see attached file)test_terrain_correction.py (2.1 KB) :
For every operator, I have also provided the ‘outputImageInComplex’ parameter set to ‘true’. Nevertheless, I obtain only the intensity band in the final output. By some inspections, it seems that complex data are preserved until the terrain-Correction operator and then they are ‘lost’.

On the contrary, the same processing chain provided by graph in snap produces the complex output, as expected.

Could you help me to understand what I am missing, please?

After a deep inspection I found the solution. The correct parameter to be passed in order to get a complex output from the Terrain-Correction operator is ‘outputComplex’ and it must be set to ‘true’. In my example, I wrongly provided the parameter ‘outputImageInComplex’, which does not exist for the Terrain-Correction operator (but it does for the Calibration operator!).