Terrain Correction of ALOS 2

Dear all,
I try to correct terrain the ALOS 2 data in SLC format with updated version of SNAP (4.0) or s1tbx.
but when I am comparing them with the Google Earth I won’t see satisfying results. Meanwhile, i tried several methods of re sampling and other option in SAR Simulate Terrain Correction (and also trail and error method) but I couldn’t see the results with enough accuracy. But when I am using sarscape software they would be georeferenced with reasonable accuracy, Any idea please?

Did you get the ALOS2 data from here?

I am also a PI and tested many images and found as well that the orbit information is not properly processed in SNAP. In the ordering process you have 2 options regarding orbit information: Most accurate available and High Orbit information. Unfortunately, both are not sufficient enough, even when the latter is said to have better orbit information.

I did not find a solution so far for a proper geocoding of ALOS data from JAXA in SNAP.

I don’t experience this inaccuracy with the free ALOS data from ASF Vertex for example, so I’m not sure about the root of the problem. Is it less accurate orbit information or does SNAP not use it properly?

Thanks dear ABraun.
No, I’ve received from someone, Sarscape has good performance in geocoding , But SNAP has great capabilities in data processing, especially in polarimetric analyzes.