Terrain Correction problem in SNAP for ALOS PALSAR PLR SLC L1.1

formerly I started a topic in SNAP category and I can not find my solution, so I started a new one here.
I downloaded an ALOS PALSAR PLR SLC L1.1 data scene from ESA website and tried to do some mandatory steps to be prepared for polarimetric segmentation. The main problem is that “How to geocode and georeference this dataset”. I receive error while doing this steps in SNAP software. Please help me!

Dataset location: “https://alos-palsar-ds.eo.esa.int/oads/data/ALOS_PALSAR_PLR_SLC/AL1_OESA_PLR_SLC_1P_20091031T184231_20091031T184248_020082_0561_0590_0000.ZIP

Error screenshot

You should do first (DESKEWING proces)

Are you using the latest version of SNAP? The ALOS scenes offered by ESA were not supported in previous versions (not sure if all are supported now).