Terrain correction with an ERS PRI-SLC image over the ocean

Hi there

I’m working with an ERS PRI-SLC image, interested mainly in features over the ocean. The image is flipped E-W, so I need to apply (I suppose) terrain correction to geocode it.

After opening it, I have done the following steps:
calibrate the product
speckle filtering
terrain correction (range-dopler)

The image now looks as expected (the islands on it are properly displayed now) but the ocean is a single dark grey patch. So it seems that I can not work on it any more.

In a nut shell, I need to do some processing over the ocean and geocode the image as well. What am I doing wrong? Any tips?


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In terrain correction there is a check box that set all data where there
is no elevation data to no data value.
Essentially, terrain correction is for land lovers who usually prefer to
have a nice image with all sea pixels masked out. :slight_smile: Uncheck this to
get back your ocean.

For pixels without elevation it will still add the gravitational model.
Using Ellipsoid Correction RD is the same thing but it doesn’t use a DEM
and instead uses the average elevation given in most products.

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