Terrain Flattening

Hi everybody,

I am wondering is it possible to apply terrain flattening on main bands of Palsar-2?
In Snap, I can do it on the matrices and when I apply on bands it does not work.
thanks a lot.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. If you want to perform Radiometric Terrain Flattening, you need to calibrate to Beta0 first. But I have done it several times and it works.
Do you get an error message?

Thanks for your comment.
Before, when I was trying to apply terrain flattening I got this message:
“Terrain flattening needs either T3, C3, C2 as input.”

oh, I didn’t know that it can be applied to T and C matrices as well. So if you simply want to the initial bands of ALOS-2, first calibrate to Beta0, then the Terrain Flattening operator accepts it as an input.

Yes, It is possible to apply it on matrices as well. I will try to do your advise.