TerraSAR-X StripMap EEC product processing

Hi all
Currently I try to work wit TerraSAR-X data, I have several questions:

  1. Is it possible to use SNAP Toolbox to process Sentinel-1 Data, I have tried it but I always got Java error message.
  2. Is any of you have experience generate DEM using TerraSAR-X data. Which product class that can be used to generate DEM (SSC,MGD, GEC,EEC). I’m assuming if using interferometry approach then SSC level data is the only option. But I just read that there is another approach such as Radargrametry, is it possible using EEC level data to generate DEM using this approach.
  3. Is there specific forum for TerraSAR-X processing.


Referring to your points:

  1. SNAP is able to process Sentinel-1 data (excelpt for RAW products)
  2. Only SSC data contains complex phase information which is needed for DEM generation. But you need two images from the same track with a short temporal baseline for that. Additinally, DEM generation only works on unvegetated surfaces due to temporal decorrelation.
  3. I don’t know any but the pre-processing is nearly the same for all satellites. You don’t need to apply orbit files for TerraSAR-X, for example. I would suggest reading some papers using TerraSAR-X data in your domain. They often contain workflows on how the data was processed and in which order.

Hello @ABraun,

Quick question: why doesn’t TSX data need an orbit file to be applied? Is all the orbit data included in the TSX product?



Yes, precise orbit information are already contained in the metadata.

Alright, thanks!