The 'Close all products' closes only one of them

When there are several files open and I use the ‘Close all products’, it only closes one file from them

Thanks for the report.

Actually, it should be fixed with update 8.0.2.

Can you confirm that you have installed the latest updates and the problem still persists?
Can you attach the log file?
You can find it by selecting from the menu Help / Show Log Directory.
Make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file.

This happened with me yesterday but when I tried to repeat the issue again today, it did not occur. So will the messages log keep it from yesterday?

Maybe, but it might be in the messages.log.1 or messages.log.2 file.
It depends how often you have started SNAP since then. Only the last three sessions are available.

messages.log (73.0 KB) messages.log.1 (82.5 KB)

messages.log.2 (91.2 KB) updater.log.0 (424.8 KB)

Thanks. But unfortunately, I can’t see a hint in the logs for this error.
I’ve created a new issue. It should be investigated again.
[SNAP-1421] The ‘Close all products’ closes only one of them

OK then when I encounter it again, I’ll know to keep the messages’ logs and send them to you

OK, so it happened again and I am going to atatch all the log filesmessages.log (150.9 KB) messages.log.1 (88.1 KB)

messages.log.2 (695.3 KB) updater.log.0 (424.8 KB)

Thanks, But still I don’t see a reason. Maybe it is not correctly logged.
We will need to debug this.
Have you noticed something in common with the data when it happened?

Probably when I open many files.