The process of interferogram formation is very slow

After the split -apply orbit-s1 top back geocoding-deburst-subset step in the SNAP software, the interferogram formation step was performed, but The process of interferogram formation is very slow. What is the reason?

You didn’t mention the SNAP version. We can deduce that you are using Windows.

Many SNAP operations can take advantage of systems with ample RAM to speed up processing, but your image shows only 8GB of the 128 GB being used. I think the SNAP 8 installer sets the Java heap size (Xmx) to a value much larger than 8GB on a system with 128GB RAM. Look in messages.log (from Help/Show Log Directory) for the value of Xmx. Use Tools/Options/Performance and select Help for detailed explanations. Note that changes to some performance settings require admin privileges.

Hi DongChao,

Did you have a look at “Tools → Options → Performance” ?