The selection of SLSTR radiance data for atmospheric correction of waters?

I want to use the SLSTR SWIR radiance data to do the atmospheric correction of SLSTR and synchronous OLCI data in case-2 waters. Can I ask some questions?
(1) Which type of SLSTR views should I select? There are two views (nadir view and oblique view). I select nadir view. Is it right?
(2) There are three 500m grids (A stripe, B stripe, and TDI grid). Which grid should I select (an,bn, or cn?)
(3) We need the relevant latitude and longitude data. Which latitude or longitude files are proper for the selected grid data? For example, should I use latitude_tx.img, latitude_an.img,latitude_bn.img or latitude_cn.img?
(4) We need the relevant sun and satellite angle data. The solar_zenith_tn.img, solar_azimuth_tn.img, sat_zenith_tn.img, and sat_azimuth_tn.img are the angle files for the nadir view or for the oblique view?
(5) The three 500 m grids have the same sun and satellite angle?
Thank you very much.
Best Wishes