The StaMPS result is inconsistent with the range of SNAP interferogram

Hello, everyone, have you encountered the following situation?

In the figure, the unwrapped figure is at the top and the intensity figure is at the bottom,the left area was not involved in calculation.

Can you please describe your problem a bit more?
To what extent are data different in SNAP and StaMPS? Currently I don’t see how this question relates to the image you showed.

Hello,ABraun,thanks for you reply!
There’s a problem with One of the interferograms that has a smaller range,so it is calculated according to the minimum range.

Sorry, I’m still clueless what you mean by “interferogram range”
Please provide more screenshots to illustrate it.

Hello,ABraun,the problem was found. The range of all interferograms I cut is shown

in the picture below(lon range:86.6-89.1) There was a problem in merging one of the interferograms (I didn’t notice it), iw1 was not merged(lon range:87.4-89.1)。

How many interferograms are you using for Stamps?

39 interferograms

yes, it is always good to check if all inteferograms were processed correctly before you start the PSI analysis. :+1: