The use of the unwrapped phase with GMT5SAR in SNAP

Hi everyone,
I want to generate a DEM based on two imagery - Sentinel 1. I worked on this project in GMT5SAR - I unwrapped phase in GMT5SAR. I want to perform a phase to elevation step in SNAP.
So I wanted to import my unwrapped phase (unwrap.grd) to SNAP via Radar - Interferometric - Unwrapping - Snaphu Import.
But choosing the right files I get an error:

Is there any way that I can properly load data in SNAP and execute Phase to elevation?


If you want to use the SNAP “Phase to Elevation” function, you need to perform the all interferogram processing in SNAP (except of course the unwrapping that you have to do outside). Otherwise, it does not have all the information about the interferogram geometry to do the conversion to elevation. I don’t know if SNAP can read the GMT grd format files that GMT5SAR produces.

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