Thermal Noise Removal - new Error for specific scenes

Dear Snap team,

I am running batch processing of Sentinel-1 data and I came across an error related to Thermal Noise Removal.
Until now I only observed this for two scenes:

While the original products seem to be ok, it turns out that after applying Thermal Noise Removal the output product consists only of 1 Sentinel-1 subswath. Subsequent slice assembly with other scenes of the same swath fails.

It should be noted that the other scenes are not having this problem.

Can you please investigate and let me know of the outcome?

Best regards,

Andreas, I don’t understand what you mean by 1 subswath. It’s a GRD and the subswaths have already been merged.
Could you provide the file names of the neighbouring slices?

You apply thermal noise removal to all products and then slice assembly? Does it give an error?

Dear @lveci ,

sorry, but I figured out the problem is in my download routine. Since scihub became a rolling archive, ASF is down because of US shutdown, I switched to CNES’s peps and messed up my download routine in a very clever way.

Sorry for the inconvenience,