Thoughts on sen2cor 2.2.0 test release

This release is a significant improvement in terms of just getting it to work. Multiple workers seems to work well, however I did not run time trials.

Since I have an issue with adding stuff to my user wide path and environment variables, I will post my launch script for people who feel the same way. The launch script is used to open a command line with the correct environment variables for use of sen2cor. This means you do not need to run set_env.bat and mess with user wide path and environment variables.

Filename: launch_sen2cor_shell.bat
Location: sen2cor-2.2.0

@echo off
set GDAL_DATA=%~dp0\bin\osgeo\data\gdal
set SEN2COR_HOME=%~dp0
set SEN2COR_BIN=%~dp0\bin
set PATH=%~dp0\bin;%PATH%
echo Environment settings for sen2cor set.

After creating this file, I created a shortcut called “sen2cor Shell” with the following

Target: %windir%\system32\cmd.exe "/K" D:\StandaloneApps\sen2cor-2.2.0\launch_sen2cor_shell.bat

Adjust the path to the batch file according to your setup.

Hope this is useful to someone.