Time to build Snaphu files for one IW subswath

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to create a DEM from 2 S1 images over China (dates very close (1 orbit difference, region not subject to earthquake during the periode, not much vegetation so I guess normally high coherence between both images)) on only one subswath.

My problem is that I launched the process yesterday (around 6 pm) and it’s still running… (18 hours now, 73 %). I would like to know if it’s normal according to my computer config : i7 3.6 GHz, 16Go RAM . I gave higher priority to the process for getting more RAM than usual…

I did some DEM generation before but on very smaller area, not more complicated (high coherence, flat area, no water …) but this time it takes too long time I think…

So my questions are, do you experience this kind of process time for 1 S1 subswath ? , do you know how many time it takes to process a whole S1 image and if the time rise more proportionnaly or exponentialy with the image size ? And finally is this time normal for just one subswath ?

Thank in adavance for your feedback !

No, it should take that long. Which part is taking a long time? If it’s the unwrapping with snaphu then maybe you have some sea area which should be masked out?

@lveci Okay thanks for your answer :smile:

It’s not the unwrapping, it’s before. I did a graph with all the steps before snaphu unwrapping (geo cod, interf, deburst, topo removal, filter etc…) and it’s all this process which take this time.
Unfortunetely I can’t see in the S1 toolbox which step is currently calculated in the graph builder bar …

But i’m quite reassure if you say it should take that long (nearly 24 hours now…).

Do you think it would take 3 days for doing the whole S1 image (the 3 subswath) ?

Thanks :smile:

Try breaking it down into smaller steps. It may be that you don’t have
enough memory or your cache size is too small and so tiles are being
processed over and over again.

If you run each step individually it shouldn’t take more than a minute each.

Yes that’s what I was thinking. I thought i would be able to do it “automaticaly” by chaining all the steps like I did before (but for smaller area…).

Thanks for your prompt replies !