TOPS coregistration : Orbit file can't be opened with none of the registered codecs

When I use sentinel toolbox to process data , there is something wrong with the TOPS coregistration in the Apply-Orbit-File. Archive file can’t be opened with none of the registered codecs. What should I do?

This may be caused by a corrupt zip file or partial download. Go to your user folder/.snap/auxdata/orbits/sentinel1/poeorb and delete the file or whole folder. Rerun and it should re-download the orbit files.

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Thank you very much for help me resolve the problem.

Hi @lveci
I face the same problem with the orbit files. However, I do not find this poeorb folder you mentioned above. I am using the latest SNAP version (1.1.1.), is the path you gave there still the same?

I’d face the same probleme

Maybe you can try to find the folder with regular expression and clear the