TOPSAR Coregistration failed?

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Coregistering and products failed with s1tbx-1.1.2 ?

Coregistration -with “S-1 Back Geocoding” --> red message “Back-Geocoding: Split product is expected”

Coregistration -with “S-1 TOPS Coregistration” --> red message “Apply-Orbit-File: Archive file can’t be opended with none of the registered codecs”
And, acturally, when chosed the “TOPSAR-Split” button, nothing shown there with no subswath appeared.

Did I miss sometthing ?

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Currently S-1 Backgeocoding does not support whole product
coregistration due to some memory issue. You should first split the
original product into each individual subswaths, then you can use
Backgeocoding coregistratering the corresponding subswaths. See TOPS
Coreg Interferogram InSAR graph for reference.

Many thanks.
Still buffer problem. Maybe I should increse my computer memory.

I have the same problem and the RAM IS 16 GB and the memory is 465 GB, would you please to take a look on the attachment files to see the errors I’m getting.

Are you using the latest version 2.0?

yes indeed I’m using the latest one.

Ok, if you’ve installed the updates the current S1TBX-version should be 2.0.3 (you see this in “About SNAP” under S1TBX).

yes, I checked the update, and it is 2.03

also I tried different images. but I got the same errors

It’s quite impossible to comment as you are not providing all the information needed to recreate your exact processing situation.


What I’m doing is make corre. for two s-1 image, and as I explained to you that I tried different ways of doing that but unfortunately I’m getting errors. my computer RAM is 16 and memory is 465, the problem in corr. I did split --> apply orbit–deburst—Geoba.

please take a look on this one

also please take a look on this

The first error-message says that you need to split the product into single-polarisation. Is that what you did?

ps. sometimes strange behavior happens if an old version of SNAP was not properly uninstalled before installing 2.0

I hadn’t before the old version in this computer and I got different errors in doing corr. as I sent to you before. also it is not possible to do the split two times because I already have done it. however, I did this please take a look on this

EAP correction is only needed between products where the correction has not been applied in the product and products where it has already been applied by the IPF.

The other errors seem to be that you have not selected a single polarization in the TOPS split operator. Make sure you have the same polarization and subswath selected for both products.

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