TOPSAR Merger failed?

Dear alls,

Merging all subswath from product failed with s1tbx-1.1.2 ?

Merge swath -with “TOPSAR Merger” --> red message “TOPSAR-Merge: Please slect split sub-swaths of the same Sentinel-1 products”

Did I miss sometthing ?

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If you just want to merge subswath and bursts, you should use S-1 TOPS
Deburst operator. S-1 TOPS Merge is for merging split subswaths.

It works!
thanks for your help!

After you merged all the subswath and bursts, can you do the next step of TOPS coregistration in SNAP software ?

next step is interferogram generation, then debursting.

I haven’t tried to be honest. But I think I would have done the same. Would be nice if you could report if it works.
At which step would you consider merging all thre subswaths?

thanks for reporting. Can you try merging the products before interferogram generation and then create the interferogram for the full extent?

It could be you E disk is full and has no room to write the merged file.

yeah! This is the reason. Thanks

Sorry ABraun. The write file was so large that there’s no enough space for my computer.
Anyway, Thanks a lot for your response.

Hi, I performed the processing step by step:

  1. Coregistration
  2. Interferogram Formation
  3. Deburst
  4. Merge
  5. Topo phase removal
  6. Goldstein filtering
  7. Snaphu export
    When the phase is unwrapping into Cygwin, he gives an error! But when I process one subswaths, without the merge function, the error does not occur. What do you think about this?