TopSAR Processing

How many bursts did you choose?

It is mostly related to RAM limitations.

@ABraun Thanks For Replying
This Was Snap Shot of Selection

How Much Memory Of RAM Is Required …???

8 GB RAM is kind of a minimum.

You can limit the number of bursts by dragging the triangles towards the middle. Try again with only three bursts vor example.

@ABraun Thank You So Much
Ok I’m Trying to Do :slight_smile:

Now This Error Is Occur :frowning:

this is caused in the Back Geocoding step:

@ABraun @lveci Thanks In Advance :slight_smile:
What Would You Say About That…???
Need Your Suggestions On Results

Topo Phase Removal

Goldstein Phase Filter

Geo coded Image

Suggestions regarding what? :slight_smile:
Looks okay at first sight but hard to tell without any context. Maybe you can ask more specific.

Did you solve the issues above? How?

@ABraun Thanks For Reply
Yes I Solved
Major Issue Was Memory Limitations
So I Increased My Computer Ram From 8GB To 16GB :slight_smile:

I Want to Generate Some Maps And Graphs As Well of My Result
So How Could I Do That…???
Need Help :confused:

you can use the layer manager to compose different elements in your map.

As soon as your data is geocoded you can add basemaps ect…

Graphs are available in your toolbar.

Is it necessary to generate interferogeram, to use all of subswathes of topsar sentinel-1 images???:disappointed:

No, you can process even single bursts if you want to.

I want to generate deformation interferogeram.but i dont need all iw,s of picture, then at first i just did geociding for two iw ,and after debursting and merging them, i created subspatial my interested region, and then generated interferogeram for that region.

AoA Zahra,

Apply following methodology step by step
for deformation:

  1. S1 TOPS coregistration with ESD
  2. Deburst and Subset
  3. Interferogram Formation
  4. Topographic Phase Removal
  5. Goldstein Phase Filtering
  6. Snaphu Exprort
  7. Unwrap via Snaphu
  8. Snaphu import
  9. Phase to Displacement
  10. Range - Doppler Terrain Correction
  11. Choose a reference point
  12. Final map
    This is a basic processing
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Thanks for your answer:relaxed:

Dear M.ali 512 …my memory card is 8GB. Is it suitable for generating interferogeram in order to analysing surface diformations?
Also i have problem about doing snaphu steps …i did not install linux, is it necessary to instal it??? Since I read in a toturial that, we can using virtual machine and a software in order to performing unwarping, so i did not inistal linux yet.

Dear Zahra,
For Interferogram and other related processes 8 GB RAM is enough but for Snaphu You Need more about 16 GB RAM.
and for Snaphu I Use Cygwin.

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