Trigger Long Term Archive products for Sentinel 2 Level 1C

I have some issues trying to download offline products from the Copernicus Hub, and from the command line.
From the user interface, once I select an offline product, I hit download, and I keep getting a pop-up saying:

“The retrieval of offline data is temporary unavailable, please try again later.”

Is this expected, are there some problems on their side? I thought this should trigger a process which would bring the file online, so it can be downloaded afterwards?

If I try to download the same product, via a direct wget call, I get:

ERROR 500: Internal Server Error.

A sample wget I am using:

wget --content-disposition --continue --no-check-certificate --user=myuser --password=mypass “‘0f397946-abc0-4b72-80c8-128d5d350523’)/$value

Any other suggestion where I can actually download a list of offline products, if I know the product id, or the product full name?

Any help very much appreciated.


it’s probably best if you contact copernicus directly regarding these issues. The contact e-mail is