Unable to install SNAP after removal

Dear all,

I am new to SNAP and not experienced with programming or copmuter science. I installed SNAP 6 a couple of days ago, because I want to use Sen2Cor for my thesis. Unfortunately, I was not able to make Sen2Cor work, so I decided to uninstall SNAP, install it again and try it again. I used the uninstall function, but when I download the Sentinel Toolbox the set-up gives me this message:

I deleted everything that I could find about SNAP/ESA/Sentinel toolboxes and I restarted my computer numeral times, but I keep getting this message. I really hope that someone can help me, because I really want to use the Sentinel 2 Toolbox. Many thanks in advance!

Hello Vera,

it seems this is an issue of Windows or the installer we use, or maybe both.
The problem is mentioned here for other software.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the mentioned solution in an English version. I only saw it in German.

But maybe you can try this solution:

Please check the registry keys


and remove them if they exist.

As you said, you are not much into computer you might need to get some help by someone.