Unable to load complete Sentinel 2 image

HI there,

Recently I have been experienceing a problem. I have downloaded the sentinel 2 image, and have the latest SNAP tool box (SNAP 3.0) when I open the XML file, it only shows a partial image.

Since its importing a partial image, the output exported individual bands also are partial. Attached is the jpeg

Any suggestions of how to load the complete image?

thanks in advance

Dear Vish,

This is not a problem.

In fact the CRS of Sentinel-2 is WGS-84 UTM and this means that a single S2 product (available on SciHub) could contain several granules based on different UTM zones.
When the user opens the S2 product on SNAP will be asked to choose which UTM zone (if more than one UTM is present) and at which spatial resolution (native, 10m, 20m and 60m). The reason is to introduce less noise as possible and leave the decision to the user concerning the re-projection and the re-sampling.
Looking at your image, I guess that you decided to open the UTM zone that contains few S2 granules, therefore I suggest to you to choose the other UTM zone in order to display higher percentage of the S2 product.

In addition, if your area of interest falls in the intersection between 2 UTM zones you should re-project your products and then apply the Mosaic module.

I hope that this clarify your doubt.


Thanks Fabrizio,

I will adopt the approach that you have mentioned and see if the image is completely displayed