Unable to "Open Product..."

I am unable to use “Open Product…” immediately after I click the “open folder” button or: File > Open Product… the application closed without any message. The same happen if I try to Import any kind of files. So the problem is that I am not able to use SNAP at all. Details are in the log filemessages.log (67.8 KB)

what kind of data are you trying to load?

Have you checked the entries under File > Import ?

The thing is that I can’t open any kind of data. As soon as I click “Open product…” or “Import”, the program immediately crashes without the ability to even choose the product or check the entries under File>Import. (My specific task, which a year ago I already performed without problems on the same computer with SNAP of older version (and on some previous version of Windows 10) is Offset Tracking on Sentinel-1). Some months ago I uninstalled that old SNAP. Today I installed the new 64-bit version 6.0 , and the described problem appeared. I tried to reinstall the previous 64-bit version with esa-snap_sentinel_windows-x64_5_0.exe, then tried 32-bit esa-snap_sentinel_windows_6_0.exe installers, but with the same negative result.

This was reported before.

The best option to overcome this seems to be changing the Look and Feel:
Tools > Options > Appearance > Look and Feel > Nimbus

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Thanks so much! Now it works! (only a real magician would have thought of such a trick:)