Unable to update packages


Many packages at the following website: http://step.esa.int/updatecenter/6.0/snap/ are very slow. Due to this reason it get’s a timeout in SNAP when trying to run the update.

Can someone look at it and help me out.

Thanks in advance.



For me, the performance is pretty good.
I’ve downloaded an installer (same server) and got a download speed of 8 MB/s.
The single modules e.g. http://step.esa.int/updatecenter/6.0/snap/globcover-worldmap-6.0.4.nbm
are also downloaded fast.

However, maybe @kraftek can have look at the server?

Especially the following packages:

  • snap-netcdf-6.0.4.nbm
  • snap-core-6.0.4.nbm

Thanks for the quick reply and looking into it.

You are right these modules take longer. But it is not the download which takes time, it is the security check by the antivirus software which takes all the time. At least for me.

Maybe you can temporarily disable your antivirus software and try again?

I just did that and it has no effect on the timeout :frowning:

Then I have no other idea. Sorry.
Maybe in a few hours, it will be better. Who knows?

I just figured it out with the Chrome DevTools.

Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/zip: “http://step.esa.int/updatecenter/6.0/snap/snap-core-6.0.4.nbm”.

So the zip remark made me check our UTM settings. The UTM scans all packages and therefore takes some time before downloading. Resulting in the timeout. I made an exception for the website and package, now is fast a lightning speed again :wink:

Just managed to update SNAP.

Thanks for your time!



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