Unable to use Resample by pixel resolution in meters on Sentinel 1 and SMOS L3 data - should I use reproject instead?

I applied CalibrationOp and SubsetOp operators on Sentinel 1 GRDH file.

Since I would like to conduct resampling by providing resolution in meters, I also applied Terrain-Correction (Range Doppler Terrain Correction - I used default options, selecting SRTM 3Sec as a DEM to auto download) operators.

Unfortunately I am not able to select pixel resolution in Resampling operator.
When I try to increase resolution by clicking on arrow, nothing changes:

When I type value manually (for example 1000 to get 1 km raster) and try to apply,
I receive an error message.

Exactly the same issue exists in case of SMOS L3 CATDS data.

I’ve tried to call Resample Operator from Python (with the same parameters), but I received exactly the same error.
I’ve tried also applying Reprojection to EPSG:4326, but it does not help.

I’ve notriced that Reprojection operator works for me in case of SMOS.
I am obviously not able to provide parameter in meters, but in the size of pixel, but it still seems to be nice workaround.
Should I use this operator instead of Resampling? Will I be able to read another raster resolution in degrees, so that I will be able to use it as an input for Reprojection operator?

I placed file for testing (both Sentinel 1 and much smaller SMOS) within the shared folder:

Thanks, I’ve created an issue and we’ll look at it as soon as we can.