Updating from Beam


I’m new to java but I’ve inherited a number of utilities for manipulating (A)ATSR/SLSTR data that use the old beam libraries. From https://step.esa.int/docs/v6.0/apidoc/engine/ it looks like there are equivalent packages in snap for everything that the utilities currently use from beam. However, I have two problems:

  1. The wiki page for working with snap in netbeans is empty ( https://senbox.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SNAP/pages/24051779/NetBeans )

  2. It doesn’t look like snap is in the maven repository, so I can’t simply swap the entry in my pom.xml from




Could you give me some tips on updating from Beam to Snap please?

Sorry, the xml markup for the pom.xml entries didn’t come through to the board. They should have had dependency, groupId, artifactId, version and type tags attached.

Huh, you are pretty late for this migration, but it is never too late.

For the migration work I think this guide is probably useful:
NetBeans Migration Guide - SNAP - SNAP Wiki (atlassian.net)
Yes, the NetBeans page is empty. We haven’t had the use case yet and therefore we have no guide for this yet. There is a guide, but it might be outdated: SNAP Desktop Development Introduction.

But SNAP as an open-source project you are welcome to provide input for this. You can check the pages for IDEA and Visual Studio Code for some guidance. Your input would be very welcome. As you don’t have edit permission in the wiki and word or a text file would already help. It could be attached to this forum.

The maven modules are on a maven repository but not on the public “maven central”.
The BEAM modules were also on a special repository.
In the pom.xml of the toolboxes you can see what you need to specify in your pom to access the SNAP maven repository.

P.S. I’ve updated your post. Now the xml is formatted. Just a line break was necessary before the xml.

Thank you! That was helpful. I’ve managed to update a first (simple) package now. Unfortunately though, the links to the two guides lead to restricted areas on atlassian.net that I can’t access.

Oh, I didn’t noticed that this was in an restricted area.
I moved it and you should be able to access this now.
NetBeans Migration Guide - SNAP - SNAP Wiki (atlassian.net)

I’ve updated the link in the previous post too.

Great. Thank you.