Urban areas

tell me how we can use SNAP in urban areas by using inSAR and DinSAR technique
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RUS had a pretty great webinar on this a week or so ago. You can watch the recording here:

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a good tutorial on SAR information in urban areas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JslESstEIVw

hi all
i need to study one specific build and the monitoring , displacement in 3d

this is nearly impossible with Sentinel-1 data.
Or is it a large factory building.

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no, is small build

are there is another method for study this small build

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I investigated the potential of Sentinel-1 for the detection of damages in crisis areas with persistent scatterer amplitude time-series: https://www.austriaca.at/0xc1aa5576_0x00390cde

But this was not done in SNAP but with SARPROZ, a very powerful package. It is not free, however.

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thank you Mr Andreas Braun