Use of ALOS World 3D for DEM

I want comparison two DEM generation with ALOS Word 3D and SRTM. I wonder that how can I use Alos DEM for DEM generation?

I input all stages that software want to DEM, I entered external Alos DEM. Is that ture?

My stages for processing TerraSAR X ;
interferogram formation (DEM necessary)-
phase filtering-
topo phase remowal (DEM necessary)-
unwrap with snaphu-
phase to elevation or height(DEM necessary)

Hi @tarik44,

Please do not use Topo Phase Removal if you intend to create a DEM using SAR data, as you will remove the topographic information inside the data itself and you would create a DEM only with the topo phase residuals, atmospheric phase related and noise.

Hence, practically you do not need to use a DEM to create a DEM, just to compare or use it for bias removal or something post InSAR.

I hope this helps!

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thanks for replay,

My second study about DEM generation. So I must create DEM’s for my study. so I will not use topo phase remowal for comparison and for other works I will use.