Use of cloud masks and interpolation of the voids

Hello everyone,
I have have been searching for steps to follow for masking out the cloud cover areas on Sentinel-2 imageries (all bands) but honestly I couldn’t find elaborated explanation about the procedure. I am very new to the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-1 datasets and so to the SNAP, I would really appreciate if someone could give me direction in order to following processes:

  1. The uses of available masks in the datasets?? within the SNAP what are the tools and steps??
  2. Masking out the thick/thin clouds from the bands with 10m resolution
  3. Interpolation technique and steps involved for the voids due to masking out the clouds from the images??
  4. Can I use Sentinel-1 (SAR Imageries) to get the masked out pixel information?
  5. Sentinel-1 datasets introduction (type and uses)??

Again, I would like to say that I am very new with the Sentinel datasets so elaborated and graphical explanation would be appreciated. Thank you!