Using gpt command line to writte new file containing Incidence angle of Sentinel 1 GRD product?


In the way to substract the background radiometry of Sentinel 1 GRD product (varation between sub swath and related to incidence angle), in test I have succesfully remove this background.

But now, I would like to batch the different process and to do that I would like read incidence angle for every pixel.

Best way for me to use it in python would be create a new file containing the incidence angle in the same geometry as the file to correct it.

Using BandMath in S1TBX I am able to export the incidence angle.
However, to batch this processing with a lot of data I would like to do it using gpt command line may be with BandMaths or subset but I fail to to that.

Have you any idea to do that ?


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I am new here, As you said using BandMath to export incidence angles. But I still do not get it.
Would you tell me the step by step how to save the incidence angle into Geotif, what steps I need to do?

Hi. According to the step, I could not export the incidence angle. How to export the incidence angle?

When I use the Export option to output the new band generated by the bandmath and the file is 0 kb, so could you show how to export the new band to .tiff format?


you wrote that you found a way to remove the background noise between the subswaths of the S1 images. I having problems with wind speed retrievals for S1 because they contain thos artefacts.

How have you removed these features?