Using NEST data to SNAP

I have data from SAR-EDU that was proposed to use with NEST but when I tried to use it with SNAP, it did not work. As a result, could anyone help me with this issue? thanks in advance

Please be more precise:

  • Which data?
  • Which SAR-EDU lesson?
  • What do you mean with “it did not work”?

Sorry, but how can anyone but you know what you are talking about with this few information?

Introduction to NEST is the tutorial from SAR-EDU
From Single Look Complex (SLC) data to geocoded, calibrated MLI
the type of data: TerraSAR-X sample data used in this tutorial

I tried to open this product in SNAP but it did not open.

NEST is a previous version of SNAP, both use the same BEAM-DIMAP format. You can directly open the tutorial data with Menu > File > Open

I tried but I received this message, No appropriate product reader found

I see. This data hasn’t been processed in NEST or SNAP before, it is the TerraSAR-X product as it is delivered. So you need top import it first by File > Import > SAR sensors > TerraSAR-X

I had no problem in opening this file.
Have you selected the TSX1_SAR__SSC______SM_D_SRA_20090314T052530_20090314T052538.xml file as explained in the tutorial?

I figured out this problem, thanks