Using the spectrum viewer

Hi, I’m unsuccessful at using the Spectrum Viewer. I load my color composite in of a Sentinel 2 image. I then call up the Spectrum Viewer and one of two situations occur: an error message saying “no bands avaialble” or “loading bands” (or some such) and even after 5 hours it still has the same message. (I’m using a Windows 8.1 machine, 64 bit, with 12GB of RAM)

Trying the filter, I can pull up a list of bands for the image, click on the ones I want, click ok and then still nothing in the spectrum viewer.

I’m trying to get the spectrum viewer to work to see if Sen2cor is really working as it should. From some of my images, I am questioning if it is, but then I’m in the high desert and water vapor of any sort on a sunny day is not much of an issue.

I can often see the message ‘Collecting spectral information’
But after 30 seconds of not moving the mouse I get a spectrum.
When I zoom in I get a much better responsiveness of the spectrum viewer and the graph is nearly updated immediately when I move the mouse.

Have you tried to resample all bands to the same size. Maybe the performance is so poor because the size of the bands are different. Maybe you have to save the resampled file and open it again.

Dear @marpet

I have the same problem… I get “collecting data”… and nothing happens…

And in my case I have all these 13 bands, that werer already all resampled to the same resolution…
Any idea how could I overcome this?