V8.0 Thermal Noise Removal must be after Apply-Orbit-File

This is likely my issue since users and developers generally recommend TNR after AOF.
However, after upgrade to v8.0, my gpt graphs for Sentinel-1 SLC data no longer performed TNR, and did not provide any notice to the failure: No errors or messages different than v7.0.
v7.0 correctly processed TNR regardless of the order of these operators.
The new graph simply has AOF prior to TNR and now correctly performs TNR in both v7.0 and v8.0.

Old graph:

New graph:

I suspect this may be the same for GRDH processing. But I have not tested.

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The Thermal Noise Removal operator does not require any orbit information. Therefore, the order here makes no difference.

Exactly what I though. My test must have been flawed.
I finally had a chance to repeat the test: I get identical results with both graphs.
Delete this thread since this is a non-issue?

I leave it open, but mark jun’s answer as the solution.
Thank you for reporting that your issue is solved.