Vector data does not fit to image

Dear all,

I have ALOS PALSAR-2 level 1.5 data and I did radiometric calibration and speckle filtering steps in SNAP software. Then, I have overlay the vector data on SAR image in SNAP software and it fit to the image (either original SNAP file format or tiff format). However, it does not work well when I display it in ArcGIS, ENVI and any other GIS software. Both vector data and SAR image are using same coordinate system.

Anyone of you have any idea why it happened?

Thank you.

This is the tiff image displayed in ENVI software

This is the tiff image displayed in SNAP software

SNAP is able to read the geolocation of your SAR product correctly because it makes use of the metadata stored with the Level-1.5 product.
A common GIS cannot do that. You can try to export your product after calibration and speckle filtering to a new product, e.g. GeoTiff.

Dear ABraun,

I converted the image to TIFF format, GeoTiff, and even some of other formats. but none of them works well.
Thank you.

“works well” means that the geolocation is bad?

yes. the coordinate of the image is still incorrect. it looks the same as the first image I shown.

try the “SAR Mosaic” tool to write a new product, this geocoded Level-1.5 products in some cases.