Vegetation index processing by jp2 and xml file


I am processing index vegetation in different ways using SNAP, Python code and GDAL code.

  1. Using xml file: applying Band Maths and building the expression.
  2. Using xml file: appliying Optical – Thematic Land Processing – Vegetation Radiometric Indices and selecting the index.
    In both cases I have the same results.

However I have a different result if I only work with jp2 files.

  1. Adding only jp2 file from S2L2A product (File – Import - Generic Formats – JPEG 2000). I have used Band Math operator to build the expression and to get the GNDVI index. Here the result is lower than result obtained by SNAP processing.
    Why I am processing only the jp2 file? Because I am processing the index through a Python code and GDAL code, and those take only jp2 files not a xml file.
    Could anyone help me to understand it? Why I have different results?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please describe this a bit more? Maybe also screenshots would help.

Dear @ABraun

I have researched and the problem was not the procedure applied. I did not know about the updating the Sentinel-2 processing baseline. So finally I understood my problem.