Verbose when gpt is in use

Hi magic developpers :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it’s faisible and easy to implement a verbose when using gpt ?

In fact i’m doing a lot of work using SNAP gpt under a unix OS instead of using the graphic interface but unfortunetely most of the time i don’t know at which step the tool is.

For example : i’m generating a lot of coherence map over a region at this time. I’m doing all the swath in a single graph and merge them a the end. But when I launch my bash script using gpt I have no idea of the work progress. I just see the file to be written in the folder.

I tried to find an option to display it but i could not find one…

If it already exists, please forgive me and ignore this message :slight_smile:

Thanks !


Indeed this is not possible. It is foreseen but not activated. It was always either to less or to much output. Sometimes the progress handling slowed down the actual processing.
But I take your request as occasion to put it (SNAP-650) on our roadmap again. We should really have some kind of progress.

Thanks for the explanation Marco :slight_smile:

I was not really aware that it can slow down the current process. Is this specific to Java or it would be the same in an other programmation language ?

Would be great to have it in the next SNAP version !


No, it is specific to the implementation.
For example if an operator indicates progress for every pixel, this needs to be handled.
In general it shouldn’t slow down the processing, at least not much.

Okay I see.

Well thanks again for your answers !