Very Basic Slice Assembly Failure

Using SNAP 8.0.9 I’m finding an unusual failure when assembling together two specific slices. The second slice in never included in the slice-assembled output. I’ve tried various DEM’s and various orbit file sources. I’ve created the simplest possible graph that demonstrates the failure here. The failure is occurring for and (two adjacent slices from the same datatake). In the product explorer window we can see the result [3] of assembling slices [1] and [2] with the shown graph.

Any advice would be very helpful!


I compared the metadata for both images:
There is nothing obvious other than a difference in the number of columns: 25444 and 25453, respectively. I do not know if this could be an issue for SliceAssembly.

I also verfied this metadata which does not appear to be an issue:
Both were processed using the same Sentinel-1 IPF version 003.31
The begin position for the second is approximately 1.5 ms after the end position of the first which appears correct:
endPosition >2021-08-26T15:24:29.858942Z

Can you replicate the issue reported by wintermute?

Yes, I have verified this failure.