Video to use New version of snaphu on windows

Good evening my friends …
I worked on new version of snaphu on windows and it work very good and easy ,as shown in next video.

here two images, one when snaphu finished src="/uploads/default/original/2X/9/93b339d3a242f6b9eed961ac60945b3899f10f09.jpg" width=“690” height=“367”><img

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Thank you for sharing this video. The file with the funny name is just a temporal product. I also get it every time, as well as the tiles folder.

One thing you forgot is to run the snaphu export in SNAP (menu > interferometry > unwrapping > export) on your multi-looked product. It creates a copy of your data with an additional header file (*.hdr) of your unwrapped phase. You need both this hdr file and the img file created by snaphu to import it back into SNAP.

Sorry, I overlooked that you do have created the conf-file at the snaphu export, but the hdr file was somehow not created…